The Struggling Soul, the art of Michal Macku

Maybe the most fascinating aspect of art is it’s capability to visualize our feelings, our anger and our fears. It’s probably the only way to communicate our internal struggle and to release those demons hunting for our soul. The artist Michal Macku uses his own naked body to start his intense exploration, slowly unraveling thoughts and revealing the whispering shadows residing in his mind.

Although his work has a strong personal aspect it certainly goes beyond an individuals personal expression. I guess Jung was right, all humans share a collective unconscious and Michal Macku is visualizing it in an extraordinary way. Even in his more formal work, like the images with bundles of arms, or the cube, there is an undefined layer of meanings present.

To create his art he uses a a special photographic technique he named “Gellage” (the ligature of collage and gelatin). This technique consists of layering exposed and fixed photographic gelatin on paper. This transparent and plastic substance makes it possible to reshape and reform the original images. He also uses an historical photographic technique called ‘Carbon’ together with his “Gellage” working process.


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