Virtual woman game

Now is you chance to create, dress or undress, the virtual woman of your dreams and let her do all kinds of nasty stuff, like a solo masturbation act or fooling around with some toys. The creators of this virtual woman game, Pineapple Works, are using a cartoonish 3D style, a bit like a naughty version of the ever lasting innocent Barbie.

The game is basically setup around two ideas, the creation and play part. The creation has quite a list of options, choose your woman, give her a nice kinky rubber outfit or if your a romantic kind a guy a lace lingerie set. But nipple rings, a pair of rubber boots or jewelry are also an option, or what about the the choice of pubic hair style, colored, shaved and everything in between.

The next part of the game is playing around with your just created virtual woman, you can do the job yourself, let her do all the work or invite a second girl.

The cartoonish style of Active Dolls is something of taste I guess, but the whole game atmosphere and the large list of options are done very well. You can easily give it a try, they have a free demo you can download from their website.

Create your own virtual woman with Active Dolls


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