3D design, with Poser software

Poser is a 3d design and animation package to easily create lifelike human figures, and a few other body types, like animals and robots. The latest release of the software, Poser version 7, is published by E Frontier.

Ever since its initial release (the first version was published in 1995) erotic artists and the porn industry used the package to create erotic or pornographic content, both images and short movies. The good thing about the Poser concept is that with the many build-in features, you can get result quickly. The drawback is that most poser figures tend to look very similar, and have that typical smooth Poser look. Quite logical if you realise that the system is based on just two human figures, in the latest version called Sydney and Simon. On top of these 2 figures you can use build-in modifications, or third party extensions/add-on’s. The original concept is recently extended with Manga studio and Anime studio, currently version 3 and 5. So basically all 3d and 2D areas are nicely covered, when it comes to human representations within a computer generated environment. Over the years I featured quite a few erotic poser artist on the Art of love, but it’s time for an update. Did the launch of a new version, with improved base models, lead to better, more vivid and realistic 3D pictures? Are there any new artists and erotic websites that are worth mentioning? And where to look for Poser extensions and other related 3d software, especially for creating adult material. A small selection of links to some great 3d erotic art, artists and poser material.

One of the oldest erotic 3D sites, heck their name is nearly synonymous for poser erotica. To access the more hardcore galleries you need to register, but the good thing is, it’s free. They also have a large store where you can buy characters, morphs and props, created by professional studios or hobbyists. Be sure to check if you have the right starting models, most are based upon the older Poser models, Michael and Victoria. http://www.renderotica.com

Kaposer’s 3D world
Wonderful erotic pinups and sci-fi babes, the way he uses cloth on the models is really amazing. He also offers a tutorial on how to create a realistic dress, in poser’s cloth room. http://www.kaposer.com/

Male poser erotica
Kind of the male/gay counterpart of Renderotica.com, with poser characters and a shop. The site needs some more content, but clearly shows what the new poser G2 system can accomplish in terms of realism and atmosphere. Although they focus mainly on Poser, they also have some content created with Daz 3D. http://www.maleposerotica.com/index.php

The kinky side of Poser, fetish costumes and fantasy scenery. They have a large gallery where they feature artists and their erotic art.

Main website f=”http://www.planetvixens.com/gallery/display.php?t=r1&nr=621&st=0&upto=18&p=1″ target=”_blank”>The free galleries

The website of digital artist Geoff Ridgway
Some quite heavy fetish images, with a wonderful atmosphere, and some interesting usage of bondage elements & machines.


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