Beautiful Woman in Close-up

Quite refreshing to find a photographer concentrating purely on the sensuality of a beautiful woman’s body. The focus of the artist is simple, and simple in this context is not the same as easy. How to capture this marvelous woman and all that’s making her beautiful on film.

The creator of all this black & white eye candy is the photographer Chris Stephens. In the limitations you can recognize the master, I’m not sure if that’s an international expression, but over here in our cold little country, it is. But the meaning will be clear, right. Stephens artistic limitations, just black & white, just one model always in close-up, are forcing him to explore the more subtile aspects in his photographic expression. The camera position, the contrast, the composition are all becoming equally important in his images.

He does allow himself a little playtime sometimes, like in the bondage series and the woman undressing, but again nothing dramatical and no big gestures. Just simple black and white images of a beautiful woman, nothing more, nothing less. Beautiful woman in black & white by Chris Stephens

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