Booty babes art

The “Booty Babe Art” site presents a collection of small sculptures of big breasted women in a fantasy setting. These booty figurines are the creation of Spencer Davis who started his collection by actually adding clay to skinny dolls on certain places, I guess we can all see where most of the clay ended up.

His ‘Booty art’ expresses his passion for art, toys and the women ‘that make our day’, women with big curves and a breath taking waist to hip ratio. The past couple of months there were numerous people contacting me to have a look at their erotic figurines, or small babe sculptures. All of a sudden, this kind of art, or erotic dolls, seems popular.

The collection of Spencer Davis is actually the best I encountered so far. An other collection to have a look at, but much more explicit, is the collection of Gonzo. He makes hand painted 1/25th scale figures and sells them along with his car models. These figures are a bit rougher, but I like his style and the scenery he creates around them. Like the ‘babe mechanic’ fixing a car’s engine and the ‘boy in the grass’ masturbating.

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