Digital Pinups – fantasy women

They start with a photograph of a body painted model and merge her into a fantasy setting, combining traditional and digital techniques in a bright and colorful way. Most of their images are fantasy pinups, erotic but never too explicit.

Some images are like small stories, like the one where a sword is handed over to a female warrior by a water nymph.

Photo Fantasies is a cooperative project of artists Helmut Siegfried Bother, Michael DeFazio, and Dave Eckerle ( other artists are contributing on a regular basis ). They work on these images together, I guess that explains the diversity and different atmosphere of each image. Some are really gentle and subtle, like the wonderful fish woman, others are quite rough and cartoonish. Overall they did a nice job in creating some lovely imaginary playmates. Who wouldn’t enjoy riding that woman & motor combo, even if you don’t have a motorcycle fetish yourself? They have a showcase on where you can see the creation process of this particular image.

They try to organize a body paint session each month, models are encouraged to apply. You most be located in the United States though, they are based in Bradenton, Florida.

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