Emergent images : Stephen Swartz

His photos look like vague memories, or reconstructions of a dream. He refers to them as emergent images, which originate from the thin intangible areas he often drift trough while overtaken by unconsciousness. But his work also has a rather formal aspect, playing with form, or a subtle redefinition of space and time.

His work remind me of those early experimental photographers, especially Man Ray. Stephen Swartz’s work has the same surreal feeling, and he uses basically the same traditional techniques to create his imagery. With all the digital manipulation we see in photography these days, quite refreshing.

Nudity in his work can be erotic, but it never gets really sexually charged. His nudes mainly represent the human aspect in the image, like an abstract form, or an icon of humanity in general. In many of his images the women loose their individuality, and although the form can remain sensual, the erotic tension gets lost in the process. This is not criticism, but its remarkable to witness it happening in his work.

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