Enchantae, by Bayarri

Imagine a fantasy world where everybody is happy, the king uses his scepter in many ways, and the Troll women are your sex slaves. This world is called “Enchantae” a floating island kingdom, sprouted from the brain of Jordi Bayarri.

The story starts with a very adventures Troll woman, delivering an ancient artifact to priestess Nerita, that predicts the end of the world. I can assure you that their ongoing research involves many sexual encounters, loads of full breasted characters and some nifty erotic architecture. The drawing style of Jordi Bayarri is quite clean ( but original and humoristic ) and especially the characters facial expression made me laugh more then once. The online comic “Enchantae” is an ongoing project, new episodes are added regularly. Especially for our visitors, Jordi Bayarri provided some images and a free episode, involving an Imp, a green troll like creature, who’s eager to please her new master, enjoy!

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