Erotic Art : Coffee, Cake and Kink

A anyone who has ever seen a work of art in print or in a book, and then gone to see that piece in a museum or a gallery knows, there can be a huge difference in the experience of interacting with art when it can be see in person. Paintings, photographs, or sculptures seen on a computer screen may be five times as large in person.

The three dimensional textures of artwork are usually all but lost on a screen. So where does one go to see or buy erotic art? Although there is no shortage available on the net, sometimes art can be very expensive. And frequently people don’t want to spend a lot of money on something they haven’t been able to see in person. It can be difficult to think where one can go to see and experience modern erotic works of art.

If you happen to live in or are visiting London, then you could pop into Coffee, Cake and Kink. CCK is not a gallery in the traditional sense (as the name might suggest) but is a hybrid concept of coffee shop, bookstore, toy store, gallery, and meeting place. CCK currently represents 16 artists whose work is diverse and covers a range of erotic expression. Their portfolios can be viewed and commented on in the downstairs lounge- something that the artists benefit from (when the comments are constructive of course!). There are also always two original-work exhibitions on at any time.

CCK see themselves as working in partnership with the artists they represent- helping them on how to price work and how to promote themselves. They look for artists who have the same social passions about making sexuality in all of its facets accessible, open, and acceptable. By adopting a traditional ‘coffee shop’ environment, CCK sought to create a space that was bright, versatile, and inviting. This was a purposeful decision to remove the concept of engaging with sexuality from a dark and hidden place or sterile environment and show it in a warm and diverse atmosphere. CCK is a smaller space and maintains a level of intimacy- ideal for conversation, for meeting, and in their opinion, ideal for interacting with the art.

In addition to showing original works, and providing the option to buy them or to get in touch with artists, CCK also sells lower cost reproductions of the art, as cards or prints. For many people, it can be awkward to consider hanging a large erotic artwork in their house, but a smaller reproduction can be put someplace private or made less obvious. It also helps to make tangible art more accessible to those who may not be able to afford an original piece.

CCK is a delightful and quirky environment to go view erotic art in person. The staff is friendly, the environment is comfortable and welcoming, the offerings are diverse- so there is guaranteed to be something for everyone, and they also happen to make one of the best hot chocolates in London.

Article by Kayla

CCK website

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