LoveChess : Adult PC Game

Adult game development is maturing. The 3D technology of today allows realistic 3d human figures in erotic games. The game engines and the more advanced video cards in the modern computers are making the future of adult sex games look very bright. There have been sex games as long as computers exist. But now for the first time the experience is becoming more and more realistic.

What also is contributing very much to the realistic experience are the advancement of 3d animation tools. It makes it more easy and natural for animators to approach the real thing. Lovechess combines this new technology with a game people are playing for ages, Chess.

Lovechess, the erotic chess game
Based on the Greek and Trojan epos, LoveChess takes you to a place where the gods have sex on the chess board. Play chess with sexy queens and amorous knights on your PC.

The world of Lovechess
Enter the world of the Greek and Trojan gods, and let this adult game take you to a beautiful place where the gods make love on the chessboard. In LoveChess, “make love, not war” is the rule when the chess pieces meet each other. All the chess pieces have unique 3D sex animations.


  • A beautiful 3D scenery and realistic erotic models.
  • Freedom of movement, watch the chess pieces make love from every angle you want.
  • Diverse and unique 3D sex animations.
  • Hand painted erotic art.
  • Multilingual: English, German, Spanish and Dutch.
  • A chess-engine with enough challenge for both beginning and experienced players.
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