Marvelous Exhibitionism

Exposing yourself to an online audience, anonymously or not, while you are engaged in various acts of sex or posing nude in front of the camera. Is a relative new form of exhibitionism. The virtual exhibitionist does not have any real contact with his or her audience, the thrill must be something quite intellectual and less emotional then when you expose yourself for an offline public. Where people react far more direct to your actions.

While most exhibitionists get the thrill by just showing themselves online ( the sexual themed Youtube clones are a popular medium ) in more or less tasteful images or movies. Some intent to go beyond that and make virtual exhibitionism a form of art.

This series of images are coming from an artist named “Yola” and are published on her photoblog. It’s an ongoing sexual exploration, where the artist is showing herself in quite explicit sexual encounters, marvelously photographed in black & white. She wants to stay anonymous and only states one her Blog “Welcome to my web place. These are some of my fantasies and this is my body. I let you imagine my face and share some sexy dreams with me. Oh, by the way…call me Yola.”


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