Pure Nudes

The naked body itself is capable of so many expression that over time it has been, and I’m sure it will be forever, one of the most used subjects in art. The artist Joris Van Daele is completely focused on this pure expression of the human body.

It is nice to see a photographer working with both females and males. A lot of photographers are restricted to one gender. Van Daele is searching for the beauty and expression in both sexes. The sensual lines in the woman’s body are perfectly captured and displayed in a subtile setting. The tenderness displayed in the loving couple is done marvelously.

I know I am most of the time very positive about the erotic art displayed on The Art of Love, but heck that’s the reason I feature them here. And I just love the basic approach Van Deale is using in his work, pure and strong.

Artist’s Statement

“Black and white are absolute. They express the most delicate vibration, the most profound tranquility, and unlimited profundity.” (Shiko Munakata)

Much as music can express abstract ideas, or poetry can take familiar words and breathe new life and meaning into them, photography is an opportunity to communicate ideas that don’t fit into any other language. I love and embrace the joy and beauty of all of humanity in my work. My photographs are a combination of emotion, philosophy, spirituality, sensation, subconscious thought, desire. Coming to terms with the naked self means an important kind of self acceptance, as reflection of external standards and a chance to drop the many layers we build to hide and protect the private self. The Bare Naked Gallery of Van Deale

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