Sex machines animation

Pushing the limits of extreme sexual possibilities, visualizations of human deepest fears and sex fantasies. Animation scenes from machines and installations that control the human body and provide an ongoing sexual pleasure. But at the same time you are bound to them forever.

Geoff Ridgway is providing us with these thoughts and feelings of an extreme nature. He explores the darkest sex fantasies of our minds and confronts us with his unreal hardcore world. The sex acts shown here are definitely going beyond the erotic borders, but I assume that’s in the eye of the beholder. They do have a strange aesthetic attractiveness. The combination of machines, shiny material and human flesh are done marvelously and with great detail.

Most of the images shown here are taken from 3D animation movies. Personally I like the stills more then the 3D animations because it is more suggestive in stead of being explicit. The Images are created using Poser models. Poser is a 3D animation and modeling software package to create and animate human figures. Normally poser figures have a kind of unnatural static look, but in capable hands it can definitely provide a good toolset. I guess the usage of light by Geoff contributes greatly to improve the standard poser looks and make them more lively.

The website of Geoff Ridgway


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