The corpulent art of Carlos Cafe

The work of Carlos Cafe can be looked at in many different ways. It’s obviously erotic, without displaying clearly sexual or explicit scenery. But it’s even more an ongoing formal experiment with layering, light and composition.

In most of his work he seems to be focussed on “the gestalt” ( the overall shape or form ) of the body, leaving out the model’s own sexual expression or even her individuality. The fact that you can only see parts of the body, or a full nude without the head, clearly contributes to this anonymous feeling. Luckily he doesn’t use “mainstream models”. This would make the whole picture rather boring. Instead he uses a somewhat older corpulent woman, which gives his images a rather intriguing expression. It’s almost if the flesh, it’s volume, shape and texture are sending out their own message.

Like I stated, most of his art feels like a “formal” experiment, a visual construction. In some cases it takes over the initial subject. And the female’s body gets trapped in these heavy and complex compositions. Sometimes you even loose the connection with the woman on display, what’s left is something you explore like an abstract painting. Where the human flesh is just one of the formal elements.

Personally, I really enjoy these transitions, or transformations. Together with his smart usage of light and texture, his work provides a intersting visual experience. I guess his work is never “easy”, and sometimes not even erotic, but beautiful nevertheless.

Artist on Tumblr

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