The erotic photography of KsErotica

Her images breathe the eagerness to capture the drama, the magic of the moment, in one single shot. In a way this follows the current trend of “Real life erotic photography” where directness, spontaneity and intensity are more important then a ‘weighted’ composition.

There’s also an aspect in her work that’s related to documentary movies and press photography, her bathtub images for example. But this time it’s not an objective visual report, it’s an intensified, dramatized setup, forcing us, the viewer, to make our own story.

Most of her work has this semi-realistic ‘open’ approach, revealing a few things, pushing us in a certain direction, without telling us exactly what’s going on. This makes looking at her work quite an experience, it triggers all kind of ideas, fantasies and references. This is even more effective in her erotic work where she gives away a few glimpses, a certain ‘charged’ atmosphere, heavily stimulating the viewers own imagination.

My personal favorites are the ones of a woman in ecstasy, great tense images, that are incredibly erotic. I also like the artists self-portrait, the woman in white with the saturated colors, so fragile and delicate.


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