The erotic photography of Samantha Wolov

The world of erotic photography is heavily dominated my male photographers and I’m always a bit surprised to discover a female artist that’s shooting erotic images. I’m writing for the art of Love for over a year now and the female artists that are featured on our site can be counted on a single hand.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places for ‘female’ art, or maybe male artists feel more comfortable to contact me about their work. Or is it still something cultural, or even biological and are males just more involved with the visual side of sexuality, dictated by their genes.

However, resend studies ( and a few old ones ) show that females are enjoying erotic images as well, not only the soft and sensual ones, but also the more explicit images. There does seem to be a difference in what women like to see though, maybe the work of Samantha Wolov can show us what women consider erotic, attractive or exciting. On the other hand, her work is not limited for a female audience at all, I think everyone can enjoy her engaging and beautiful photography.

Samantha Wolov is a self-taught 21 years old photographer and already featured in several shows, in the Fraser Gallery in Washington, D.C. and the Stage Gallery in New York. She was also the winner of the ‘Nerve Magazine Emerging photographer competition’ and received several other awards for her work. I’m not surprised that her work is recognized for it’s quality and artistic strength, it’s just amazing that someone at the beginning of a career can create such intense pieces of erotic art.

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