The Expressive Art of Natasha Gudermane

There is something very expressive about the figures that Natasha Gudermane captures. Her images do not generally give the impression of being posed and static. Instead, they tend to seemingly capture a quick moment- a frozen blink of an eye.

You expect her figures to move at any second, to exhale, to stretch, to relax, to breathe. It isn’t frenzy, this energy that she captures, but rather a slow intensity that almost dares the viewer to ignore it. Her images are alive in the basest sense of the word.

Unlike many photographers who excel in black and white, I find that I am particularly drawn to Gudermane’s use of color. The vibrancy of the oranges, greens, reds, and blues contribute to the hyper-reality of the captured moment. The intensity of the colors she uses supports and compliments the energy of her figures. Although to be fair, her black and white images are not to be ignored. There are also rich depths and tensions to be found in them as well as softness and subtleties. It’s nice to see an artist with such an expressive range across her chosen medium.

Although I always enjoy the more classic explorations of the human body, I particularly like when artwork conveys some measure of the emotion or personality of the subject. I find this quality in many of Guderman’s works, and certainly in the ones I liked best. She has a talent for capturing attitude, for lack of a better phrase. And I think this ability serves to enhance the strength and beauty of her work.

article by Kayla

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