The visual experiments of Scarlet Monahan

The art of Scarlet Monahan was quite a discovery. Her work is not presented in a polished portfolio, there’s not one single artistic style, and it’s not intended to be erotic in a traditional way.

But when you browse trough her images, you’ll be amazed by her imagination and the clever and edgy side of her ongoing visual experiments. She displays the nude in a functional setting, as an integral part of the image and isn’t using the nude for the flesh itself. It’s more like an extra symbolic layer that extends the message of the image. In many of her images she plays around with the impossible or the surreal. Combining multiple images into one, or using blowups to alter the perspective.

My personal favorites are the woman climbing the stairs called “Up the wooden Hill” and “Clash of the Titans” ( second image in the gallery ). Wicked and refreshing images, smart and humorous. Be sure to check her portfolio, there’s much more eye candy there to explore.

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