The Women of Olga Gouskova

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, that they can tell a million stories. It is difficult enough in art to capture that intensity in a photograph, let alone in a painting- yet the strength of the bold and beautiful women of Olga Gouskova is conveyed clearly through their gaze as they look out from their canvases.

Gouskova’s work is highly graphic- stylistically reminding me of certain aspects of the art nouveau as well as stained glass technique. She emphasizes the soft femininity of her figures by using flowers, butterflies, and lace details within the compositions but counters that delicateness that through the use of heavy contrasts and strong bold lines. The long hair her women usually possess also exudes a soft sexuality and is exquisitely detailed. The women seem comfortable, soft, serene, and sexual in their nudity and exposure.

But it is the eyes that give these images their power. The knowing gaze that suggests something more to the woman depicted. Some are sad, some are playful, some are sexual, and some are almost haughty but all are unwavering in their gaze. They peer out at the viewer and invite you to look back, as if to convey some secret message. The eyes are powerful and mysterious, encompassing in one small detail the essence of woman. To me these paintings capture part of the mystery of female sexuality by combining the beauty of the physical with the intensity of the mental. There is great depth in these deceptively bold and simple works. Just look into their eyes.

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Article by Kayla

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