Adult Art of Nishimaki

The adult cartoons of Toru Nishimaki are strange drawings of a dark world that was supposed to be innocent. The cartoons, he calls them ‘black caricatures’ are filled with doll like creatures playing with food, penises and large rubber toys.

It’s his play with unexpected items, the ‘happy doll look’ , his fetishes, like food and boots, that are making his images intriguing, but also really disturbing. His style is illustrative, a little naive and has some Anime influences, especially in the drawing style of the faces.

His adult cartoons are by far the strangest I have ever encountered on the web, but they are not only ‘strange’ they also have an exceptional artistic quality. His work is closing the gap between erotic cartoons and erotic art. And even though I have this ‘inappropriate feeling’ while I look at his images, I think his work has it’s place on the Art of Love.

The black cartoons of Nishimaki

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