Erotic Fiction of Gilberto Giardini

Gilberto Giardini graduated at the “Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma” in costume design and art history. This in combination with his early introduction to the magical world of the opera, his mother was an opera singer, are giving his work it’s unique and theatrical flavor. After his graduation he worked as a costume designer and created illustrations for many magazines. His erotic fiction is more recent, but his feeling for drama, the expression in clothing and human form, clearly shows where this artist comes from.

He uses a wide range of traditional techniques to sculpt his virtuous images. Some spontaneous black lines, a few dots of color, is all he needs to visualize the human form. Posing nude, or engaged in some heavy sexual activities. In the last years he’s also experimenting, in his erotic fiction, with the digital possibilities the computer has to offer. Although these digital images have the same style as his more traditional work, they have a more clean and a somewhat less tactile approach. I guess the digital toolbox forces a certain working process and in a way creates a style of it’s own.

Besides his wonderful drawing style, there’s and other aspect thats always present in his work, humor. Sometimes it’s just the way he draws and exaggerates people’s bodies. Sometimes it’s the “on Stage” scenery or the small storyline, but his work often makes you smile. My personal favorite is the drawing where Don Juan ( first image in the gallery ) sits on stage, with a monster hard on, holding two wonderful women. Or the twisted image of a guy drinking his milk bottle while he’s jerking himself. Both images, and of course the rest of the gallery, show a very talented artists with a wicked and naughty mind. Be sure to visit his website, there’s much more erotic art to feast on.

The erotic fiction of Gilberto Giardini

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