Adult comics of Javier Trujillo

The adult comics of Javier Trujillo are artistically situated between the Druuna strips and the pinup images of Bruce Colero. Most of his women are the typical “heroine style” characters that are in control of their world and who love to dominate, both men and women, sexually. Thematically not really new but enjoyable for what they are, erotic comics.

Things get really interesting in his surrealistic series like the “The great vaginal source”. Where we see this wonderful woman crawl inside a giant vagina where she explores quite a few warm and wet places. Or in the “Forest of erections” where she walks between these enormous penises and discovers how to use them for her own benefit. Especially these landscapes are great images that can easily stand on their own, even without the storyline.

His drawing style is a little unusual for comics. Javier told me that he worked in advertising for many years as an illustrator and he worked with airbrush quite a lot. He translated the real airbrush to the digital toolbox and continued to develop his “smooth” comic style. I really like the way he plays with focus and blurriness in his images, a visual effect that makes good use of the airbrush technique. It also gives the images this dreamy sensual atmosphere.

Javier’s most resend project is called “Metaphysex”. It’s an adult comic website with a more or less continues development of the story. This story is not very linear. It’s more an ongoing erotic dream where anything can happen, from a romantic encounter on the chessboard to a wild sex scene with multiple penislike creatures. This erotic dream is divided in episodes, or chapters. Every episode displays a different desire or fantasy. To view all adult comics you have to signup on the website and pay a fee.

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