Body Landscape

Captured on a woman’s body, like walking in sweaty landscapes, hills of warm sensual flesh. That’s the best description I can imagine for the erotic photography of Carsten Tschach.

This erotic artist knows how to catch the female shape with the camera’s eye. By using long shadows, dark backgrounds and of course beautiful models he’s creating a very attractive piece of work.

By using only parts of the body and headless torso’s the work goes beyond the usual nudes. The individual is not on display here, it’s almost a tribute to everything female.

I published a small gallery of his work on The Art of Love before, now I finely had the time to publish all the work I have from this artist. In my humble opinion a very tasteful gallery indeed.

Enjoy the pictures and imagine you are small, walking and discovering ;-)

More works of Carsten Tschach

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