Diana Knight, a hot woman with a big attitude

Diana Knight is one of those erotic icons who always did fascinate me, why? Maybe the diverse roles she plays in her work, her bigger then life character or her engaging altitude. Or it’s more her choice of photographers she works with, some of the best artists out there, or it’s just that she is one of the few hot women that I find attractive, but also a little frightening. ( Diana I know you read this don’t laugh at me … )

I just received some of her new work, a marvelous play with latex suits, some very high heels and even a lighthearted flirt with vintage. My favorite of them all, and Diana at her best, is the one where she poses topless with a pink skirt in an ‘uber’ theatrical pose. What’s left to say, just enjoy these images, of Diana Knight, a hot woman with a big attitude.

The website of Diana Knight, fantasy and fetish model

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