The fetish art of Nishimaki

His work is clearly influenced by Anime drawings, but his exaggeration and compositions are related to Japanese Shunga as well. Although his art could be labeled “typical Japanese” it’s not very popular in Japan. I guess he breaks too many rules in subject and style ( most Japanese drawing styles are restricted to a quite rigid rule set ) to gain ground in the land of the rising Sun.

In Europe and the United States we are used to eclecticism, and originality seems our most valuable artistic asset. And that’s where Toru Nishimaki shines, his work is not only original and unique, it’s also of an exceptional quality.

The fetish art of Nishimaki will not appeal to everyone, his explicit fetish scene’s and style are heavy and often grotesque. But his work is full of sexual energy and it shows an endless amount of personal creativity.

The website of Toru Nishimaki

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