Fetish Pinups

Magazines like Playboy or Penthouse did not invent pinups, they did make the ‘beautiful girl pinned on the wall’ popular though.

The first pinups were not even photographs but drawings and paintings spread on postcards and lithographs, were talking about the early 1900’s here. These Pinup drawings are still popular today, especially in the fantasy and fetish genre, like the ones from the artist Ed Mironiuk.

His pinups range from fantasy, leather babes to furry cuties, drawn in a semi-realistic way, a style quite popular among fantasy artists. He also has some more expressive works, like the bondage drawing or the beautiful Hornet, a great mixture of animal, rubber suit and voluptuous shapes. I just love the twist in this image.

Browsing trough his large online portfolio, you’ll definitely get a smile on your face and you will agree with me, that beauty comes from a dirty mind :-)

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