Georgie Tier

An interview with the erotic artist Georgie Tier, about her art, her inspiration and her typical mixture of sexuality and humour. “In my opinion sex is a pretty amusing activity and sad is the person who can’t see the funny side of it”.

Where is your inspiration coming from? Is your work a reflection of your own fantasies and desires, or is it mainly the observer at work?
My inspiration is the human form and linear design. I have always been a figurative artist, but in the last couple of years I have worked purely from my imagination. My work does not reflect my own life, I aim to show the tenderness and ridiculousness of being in love and lust.

What artists do you admire, and in what way?
My admiration for Picasso comes through in many of my designs, and would be of no surprise to anyone. My other great loves are: Botticelli, for keeping his individuality, his excellent execution and his strong emphasis on line. Leger, for hisskills as a draughtsman, and the use of clear flat colours, & Aubery Beardsley because most of his work was done in ink (which I adore) and because he was so erotic and controversial for his time. Plus Beardsley grew up not far from where I live in Sussex.

You have a tendency to mix sexuality with humour, why did you develop your work in that direction?
Believe it or not, it was never a conscious development. In my opinion sex is a pretty amusing activity and sad is the person who can’t see the funny side of it !! I have the greatest respect for artists and photographers who produce beautiful, serious, sensuous works. But that’s not what I do.

Ever felt the need to display the somewhat naughtier side of sex in your work?
Well, you say ‘naughtier’ but, I show full intercourse, masturbation (female and male) felatio, cunilingus….OK I haven’t done a design of double penetration, but I bet if I did it wouldn’t look ‘naughty’ I guess it’s like Walt Disney and his creations got away with murder didn’t they!.

How does the public respond to your work any differences between your home country the UK, and the rest of the world.
The Brits need to loosen up. I have to carefully pick what I exhibit here in the UK. I find Europe far more open. I love in particular The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. I also find that the Europeans ask far more questions relating to art and it’s creation, the British (on the whole) just want to know if you’re into anything kinky.

Do you consider your work typical feminine?
I don’t know, I am after all a woman, so I suppose I’m predisposed to have a more feminine view point than a man. I am not trying to put a point across, or be in anyway political. I think when you have an agenda the art looses something precious. I design what pleases me, and I never analyse.

I’ve noticed that you have extended your graphical concept to the design area. Would you like to develop in that direction? Do you think there is a market for it?
Linear design has always been my first love. I am not a painter, never have been. I’m really an illustrator at heart. Due to the nature of my work, my designs will never be highly commercial and I don’t think that’s what I want for them anyway. I have however produced a small range of merchandise that I love. I have Limited edition T-shirts, mugs and small amounts of fabric. The people who collect my art, also love to buy the merchandise. I have no expectations of getting a high street store to sell my stuff. My aim is To continue as I am, exhibiting as widely as possible.

Interview with Georgie Tier

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