Kama Sutra in Marble

The Kama Sutra, a 4th century Indian text that describes the art of love, inspired an artist to create a collection of ‘marble’ statues. The first time I visited the virtual gallery I assumed they were real people, painted white, performing. However, some of the sex positions are so complicated, I can hardly imagine real people doing them.

The artist’s name is not mentioned anywhere, the site contains no information about the artist, besides that he lives in the French Alps. They do mention an exhibition of the Kama Sutra statues at the Chambery Modern Art Museum in France. If these statues are really created in marble, by an unknown artists is hard to tell, at least I can’t seem to figure it out. They could easily be created with a 3D modeling program and rendered into the scene, the distortions around the legs and armpits do point in that direction? Or they are real ones, carved in marble, and I’m just to suspicious.

Bottom line is they do look great, the virtual tour works nicely and the Kama Sutra positions are as beautiful as ever. Have fun watching, do not try them at home, unless you are a superman or a super girl :-)

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