Medical Fetish by Stephen McClure

I guess everybody has their own fetishes, some are generally accepted as ‘normal’, others are labeled bizarre or strange. But definitely those ‘niche’ fetishes are displaying a lot of creativity and personal expression.

Stephen McClure is using different niches in his female nude portraits. The one that is most related to his work is the medical fetish. Not only by using hospital attributes and some nurse costumes, but blood and even death are displayed in his work as well. The blooded girl laying on a investigation table could easily be a scene from Crime Scene Investigation. Wouldn’t it be that the girl is absolutely beautiful in her almost elegant death pose.

The nice thing about the photography of Stephen McClure is that even if the theme of the image seems to be macabre, the image is never frightening, or repulsing. One of the aspects responsible for this is a decent dose of humor, an other is his esthetic style. His style is rather clean, and shows some relation with glamor nude photography, it’s just the model and the fetish play. Nothing more and nothing less.

The website of Stephen MacClure

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