Nude expression

Photography exist for roughly hundred years now, and in that period of time the nude female has always been one of the most popular subjects, at first only behind closed doors, now widely spread trough modern media like the Internet.

We never seem to get tired of looking at and photographing the nude, and the sexual aspect is surely one of the never ending drives, but can hardly explain it all. This was something I wondered looking at the images of the photographer Nad Iksodas, nude female photographs in a traditional, maybe even conservative way. Does that mean the images are old fashioned, or even boring, not at all, contrarily it shows how vital, creative and inspiring the nude still is. The photographer explains it quite nicely on his website, “When I see the light fall across the female form, I want others to see that the beauty is in the shape; the play of light, and the way the model expresses herself.”

“… The model is a partner in the creative process. I have the greatest respect for the models I have been fortunate enough to work with. Fully clothed, barely covered, or completely nude, they possess self-confidence, a belief in self and a desire that I can only begin to imagine from my side of the camera…”

Need I say more? I guess this is quite self-explanatory, the combination of the sexual, erotic aspects with the idea of expression of both the photographer and the nude model will always provide us with new images, new visions of the nude. As always I’m just sharing my thoughts, enjoy some excellent black & white nudes by Nad Iksodas. The nude art photography of Nad Iksodas

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