Nude Women in Blue

The photographer Gunther Van der Ven created a series of images with nude women in a decor of blue light. This simple concept resulted in some of the most sensual nudes I have ever seen. The blue light gives the nudes suspense and somehow it reflects the human skin marvellously, exaggerating it’s shininess and texture.

In some of his images, he is also experimenting with a combination of blue and normal white light, highlighting parts of the model. These experiments could lead to a more complex picture, but for now, they do not have the dreamy atmosphere that’s so remarkable for his other work.

My personal favourite is the nude woman posing on a classic chair, the expression of the woman’s body, it’s reflection and the way the shadow parts are worked out, is stunning. The close up (at the beginning of the gallery) is also worth mentioning, in this image the ‘blue’ concept is used quite basic, giving the woman all the space to express herself and to show her beautiful body.

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