Nudes by Ron Harris

His nudes are photographed in a rather classical, glamorous style, showing just slightly more then other photographers of this soft-erotic genre. Most of his models have that unreachable rich girl feeling, a glamour style that was very popular in the 80’s, and gains ground again these days.

Internationally his name is forever connected with Playboy and “Aerobicise”, many people enjoyed this concept, on Showtime television in the 80’s or on the web. It shows young women working out, alone or in groups, in a solid white decor. Harris launched his “Harris Archive” in 2003, a site mainly featuring nude photography and erotic movies, he also launched a more hardcore website, but things never get really dirty.

The strangest project Harris was involved with is an egg and sperm auction website, located at At this site you can… well…buy eggs and sperm from people, who present themselves as beautiful and successful. Harris wrote some articles on the site about the importance of having beautiful children, and the role of beauty in modern society. The reason for mentioning this project here is not that I want to promote it, I’m actually quite afraid of such a development, but it gives an idea of the things Harris is involved with, besides his nude photography.

The nudes in the gallery are my personal selection, images that are in my opinion typically for his whole oeuvre.

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