He learned to draw from masters like Jack Kirby, George Tuska and Ditko, by reading and absorbing their comic books. The women’s anatomy was learned from Playboy pinups, I guess not the worst place to learn about the right shapes and proper breasts volumes.

His Pinups are sexy and fun with a vintage touch, let me introduce the work of Ronnie Werner.

His ‘pinups’ are light-hearted, sometimes humoristic but always sophisticated. His drawings range from the sexy ‘classic’ nude on a bed to the stereotypical fetish nurse, personally I fancy the military pinup, I just love woman with guns :-)

The graphical approach, the functional white and his playing with linear elements is worked out nicely, the compositions are functional, although a bit straightforward. If you like to be one of his muse’s you can contact him trough his website, he creates custom drawings from photographs. Werner just launched a new website, with a decent collection of his work, for all the erotic comic lovers out there definitely worth a visit.

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