The sex comics of Michael Kirwan

His sex comics cover every sexual fantasy in existence on our planet, his art can easily be considered an atlas of human sexual behaviour in all it’s hormone driven diversity. The way he brakes up niches, plays with fetishes and redefines stereotypes is stunning, wicked & hilarious.

His comic characters are based on ordinary people, they are not the ultimate babe and hunk kind a thing, we so often see in adult material. Sure their features like boobs, buts and dicks are exaggerated, often way over the top, but he achieves to maintain a certain lifelike feeling, so we can laugh at each other and ourselves.

Although Michael Kirwan has quite a collection of straight and bisexual drawings, most of is his work is intended for a gay audience. These gay comics are not only intended for entertainment purposes, it’s also a chapter in his oeuvre he considers a mission.
“I’d like viewers to recognize familiar situations and see a spark of their own lives displayed in my work, to sense the true brotherhood inherent in who we are and what we do with each other. I want my illustrations to unite us as a tribe, letting every fag know that he belongs, that he is welcome, and that he is not alone.” ( from The Artist Muses, Dispatch 2002 )

Personally, I admire his drawing style, the way he captures muscles and volumes in just a few lines or shades. I also like his intelligent compositions and of course his wicked sense of humour that’s present in all his drawings. On his website, you can enjoy a large collection of sex comics and drawings, for your convenience I made two links. One link will take you to a mainly straight area, the other one takes you to some quite heavy gay stuff.

The straight & fetish sex comics

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