Sexy girls preferred

The digital artist Vincenzo Tedesco creates vector drawings based on photo’s visitors of his site send him. So if you ever wanted to be an artist’s muse, now you have the opportunity to become one, sexy girls preferred.

Vector graphics or vector drawings are a technique to create images based on geometrical primitives and calculations instead of pixels. In those early computer days it was mainly used to make the images smaller in size and easier to distribute trough the internet. Because vector drawings are based on mathematical calculations it does not matter what size the image is displayed on, big or small the calculations are the same. Programs like Adone illustrator and CorelDraw are based on this drawing system.

Personally, I could never get this drawing technique to work for me, it felt to controlled and dead. However, from time to time I encounter artists that are capable of creating attractive results with it. Vincenzo Tedesco does a good job in making these images feel lively, mainly by using multiple layers and bright coloring.

Currently I have some troubles loading his site, be sure to check it out later, flash plugin 8.0 is required.

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