The bizarre sculptures of Norman

When I first encountered Max Magnus Norman’s bizarre world I was confused, fascinated and smirking in amusement. His creative brain spits out images, sculptures and paintings ( just about anything that can carry an image, or visualize an idea ) that are humorous, wicked, but also intelligent and powerful.

I pretty much fell in love with his rough miniatures, small sculptures that incorporate aspects of computer games and a wide array of almost surreal concepts. Or his fantastic creature series, where he re-creates an humanoid or animal form, combining pieces from different animals, machines or humans. Most of his sculptures have a direct, rather spontaneous and intuitive feeling, in both style and concept. In a way you can almost reproduce the creation process in your head when you look at them.

His paintings have a more thought-out approach, but are very similar in the way he combines things, some images could easily be an artist interpretation of the next Star Wars movie. Others feel like a mixture of Salvador Dali’s endless worlds set in the digital Era. Max Magnus Norman is a true Post Modern artist, with very personal stories, genuine interpretations of the things around him, fueled up with known imagery and artistic concepts from the past.

Besides his more traditional work ( paintings, sculptures ) he also created a computer game, titled “The Abashera”. The screenshots look typically “Max Magnus”, but I can’t comment on this from personal experience. The game failed to launch correctly on my system. If I have a fix, I’ll mention it on this page.

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