The Mysterious Masked Women

Erotic Artist is the name of a husband and wife team who are both photographers in their day jobs, pursuing the more typical commercial work readily available.

However, they jointly and privately pursue their passion for fine erotic art photography in the more anonymous medium of the internet. It is this discreet pursuit that has brought them here.

The desired anonymity of their situation is echoed and reflected in their use of the masked figure. Erotic Artist uses a variety of masks from different cultures to obscure and hide the face of their figures. There is something impersonal and almost dehumanizing about the use of a mask, and yet this is contrasted by the overwhelming humanity and intimacy of the nude body. This contrast between intimacy and anonymity is further blurred in the images using rope, turning the person into a puppet.

The figures in Erotic Artists work tend to be solitary. The settings are sparse, or isolated. Some of their photographs have been manipulated in the printing process to add an additional layer of texture to the images, and some have had the color manipulated to emphasize certain aspects over others. In the end, the images are quietly beautiful, showcasing both the strength and the mystery of the female nude.

Article by Kayla

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