The Sexy Women of Kaprielian

Marvelous portraits of sexy women, subtle and playful, his images are a tribute the all things feminine, let me introduce the work of the photographer George v Kaprielian. An artist capable of capturing a woman’s beauty, make her look sexy, or even naughty, but never cheap or dirty.

Sure, a big part of his sensual feast comes from the models he works with, but it takes skills to capture their expression and to achieve these dynamical, intelligent compositions. I also like his slightly exaggerated usage of light, capturing the shape and contrasting the woman’s skin with its surroundings.

The woman wearing a netted outfit is my personal favorite ( Second one in the gallery ). The net’s structure is accenting her shape nicely, but also connects her to the image as a whole. The asymmetrical composition and the overall emptiness draws all the attention to her wonderful body and sexy Pose.

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