The strong women of Michael Vahle

The work of Michael Vahle was quite a discovery, I came across his website a while ago and I definitely wanted his work on the Art of Love, his oeuvre is an excellent example of the diverse expressions the human body is capable of. His strong arrogant women, the marvelous sensual close-up images and his formal couples are all stunning pieces of erotic photography.

He plays with his subject, looking for both expression and a pure composition, sometimes supplemented with a small kinky or humoristic detail, like the woman smoking a cigar, or the nude holding a sword. Nothing overdone, no exaggerated drama, but subtile additions to redirect the viewer, or to ad some lighthearted play to reduce the formality of the image.

All these aspects are coming together in my favorite photograph, the image of a woman smoking a cigar, a basic approach and a little subtile play. And ok, I’ll admit a have a crush for woman smoking cigars, especially if they are this beautiful :-)

The website of Michael Vahle

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