Virtual girl

A virtual girl is attached to some kind of torturing machine. The virtual model is placed in a uncomfortable position by her own fetish footwear. Just some examples of digital rendered Erotica made by Tsubasa. The digital Art of Tsubasa seems to have it’s own virtual existence. But sometimes he uses real models to integrate them in to his unreal arena.

His virtual girls never get bloody…

Looking at his large portfolio there are some fetishes that are always there. The bondage, the high heels, well real high ones. And the torturing element. But the torturing that takes place with his virtual girls never gets bloody or really painful. It’s more the beauty of the stylized fetish that’s has its place in his work. This decorative way of playing with the subjects and his style has multiple influences. The Gigger style, without the real darkness. And of course surrealism. The dream reality, or virtual reality, just what you prefer is the real power of the current computer artists. The surrealists would be very jealous of our current capability of recreating reality. But lucky for us there are still modern surrealists out there taking advantage of the new technology.

Digital rendering

Digital rendered woman, well all humans but let’s stick to the woman on display here, have the tendency to stay like plastic dolls. The idea of combinating real woman photo’s into the virtual scene is a good one. It’s blending nicely with the modeled surrounding and gives the images a more lively feel. Until we are capable of rendering humans lifelike this idea is fitting the gap nicely. The only thing that I would like to see in his work is the usage of light and shadow with more suspense and atmosphere. But the nearly absence of this visual element would mean that’s not what he is looking for. But hey, I’m a romantic kind a guy :-)

Digital Art & Erotica

The combination of Digital Art and erotica is one you see more and more displayed on the Internet. But surely not a lot of them have the same technical and artistic quality as Tsubasa. If you think of it as real erotic is totally yours to decide. But it is surely triggering your imagination and isn’t that what’s erotic art is about. I personally admire his digital art for its great artistic quality more then that it’s erotic to me. But as I stated before that’s yours to decide. I do know that it is really worth to have a look at this guys work and that you will enjoy it, if your are in to this kind of fetish or if you like digital art in general.

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