A lustful mind, the erotic art of A. Christian

Every now and then, you discover an artist that could be born in an other time, who ignored all the modernistic concepts and chooses to work like the great masters from the past.

This modern Michelangelo would chock the renaissance society with his explicit sexual paintings, but they would certainly adore his artistic refinement. Anthony Christian’s fascination of the old masters started early, he was only 10 years old when he was studying the masterpieces from the National gallery in London. The national gallery has a quite extensive collection of both Renaissance masters and painters from the baroque period. It’s not hard to recognize the technical style and the harmonious compositions from these art periods in Christian’s work and let’s not forget that these artists are also playing with sexuality, or sensuality, mostly in a more hidden way.

But those Renaissance guys could also be more explicit, paintings like “Leda and the Swan” and “Venus and Mars” are not hiding that much, I always wonder how these artists remained alive and not got excommunicated by the Church.

In our days, an artist is free to go where his mind takes him and the mind of Anthony Christian is an exiting one, a lustful one.

The website of Anthony Christian

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