A Sex Toy as Art

This month an unique exhibit took place in the “La Luz de Jesus” gallery in Los Angeles. Eight artists used a sex toy, a latex vagina molded after BBW babe April Flores, as their canvas.

Curator of the project was artist Carlos Batts, Batts about the exhibit:

“Creative interpretations of the female anatomy are fundamental to art,” explains Carlos Batts, Curator. “Specifically, this project was inspired by the irony of Jeff Koons’ work and the playfulness of the Dunny movement, as well as by April herself. In this exhibit, April provides the blank canvas on which each artist has the opportunity to express his or her vision.”

The “Art Toys” that are the result of the project are rather diverse, some are more or less just paintings with no real relation to the canvas they are painted on. Some are quite humorous and change the sex toys perspective.

There’s one toy “Fountain” created by Coop ( an underground artist from LA known for his flirtage with popular culture, ala Jeff Koons ) that stands out from the rest. It’s an homage to Marcel Duchamps famous readymade with the same name. The idea of changing the meaning of the sex toy ( and of the Dadaistic logic, if there is any ) within more or less the same artistic boundaries, is just marvelous. This piece would bring a smile on the old masters face, of that I’m sure.

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