Aaron Dunn

The work of photographer Aaron Dunn is not your average nude photography. I’m not even sure if he aims to display eroticism (although whats erotic or not is a personal matter) in his images at all. The women he displays are naked, sure.

And most of the women posing in front of his camera are also quite beautiful, however when you change the context like this artist does. The image, and the way you experience what’s on display, turns in to something else. He changes perspectives, plays with attraction and repulsion and provokes his audience in an ongoing dualism thats both intriguing and humorous.

A more spontaneous side of this artist is displayed in his “Instant series”. These images show nude girls sitting and sleeping on a bed, in a small sized bedroom. The directness of these shots, the roughness of the images themselves (with the brightened and/or saturated coloring), have a very personal touch, besides a level intimacy thats new for this artist.

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