Female Erotic Photography of Reka Nyari

Reka Nyari is a female photographer from New York with quite a diverse oeuvre. Her work ranges from fashion photography and editorial work towards these wonderful sensual images which are highly erotic without getting explicit.

Although her commercial work is obviously more polished, there’s clearly a crossover from her erotic projects and vice versa. The ongoing experiment with pose, backlight, shading and even storytelling gives her work this unique personality and refinement. And even in her most “high fashion” shoots sensuality or erotic tension is never that far away. In a way this mixture of fashion and erotism reminds me of the french photographer Guy Louis Bourdin, although his work is often much darker and far more surreal.

My favourite image is from the Geisha series. An amazing model, with wonderful tattoos, and a great body. The whole presentation, atmosphere of mysticism and dark sepia colouring are really making this a perfect piece.

In 2011 Reka Nyari published her first book named “Female Erotic Photography”. The book shows the sensuality of the female body through the eyes of a woman. I should not forget to mention that in some images Reka Nyari is both the model and the photographer. This makes the book almost a personal diary displaying her own erotic fantasies. A new book by her hand is to be released later this year. Also later this year, september to be precise, a nude photography workshop in southern Spain is given by Reka . If you are interested you can contact Reka at her website.

The website of Reka Nyari

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