Big Women from Sicily

The erotic art of the Sicilian artist Aurelio Pernice is drenched with humor, naughty fantasies and loaded with big breasted voluptuous women. His paintings don’t follow established artistic rules, they don’t show the “regular” feminine shapes, in his work everything is big, exaggerated, and filled with sentiment and eroticism.

He calls himself a Naive artist, referring to his background as “self thought without any contamination” from an artistic training. And yes, sometimes an art education can enforce a certain artistic direction, but in my opinion that’s only partly a problem. It’s also a way to try different concepts, learn about visual communication and broaden your horizon. But there have always been artists that embrace the freedom of the Naive, artists like Henri Rousseau and Grandma Moses are famous for their primitive and naive style. Aurelio Pernice follows their path, developing his own aesthetics, maybe not refined but very original indeed.

The Big Women in his work are surely his greatest strength, the way he paints their flesh, bulging out tiny corsets is painted marvellously. He even gives cellulite it’s charm, not sure if women will agree on that one though.

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