Classic Nudes

The male and female nudes of Claus Rose are a true celebration of the human body itself. And something you don’t see often when it comes to photographing nudes is that he uses both males and females as his subjects.

Just marvelous nudes

In most of his images the photographic approach is rather classical. The sensual lines of the females and the masculinity of the male body is what’s on display here, nothing more and nothing less. It’s just the nude body and all the artistic aspects are used to display the body as optimal as possible. I really like the way the light touches the muscles and sometimes exaggerates them. Or the soft light that just makes the breast emerge from the grey. This subtileness is what makes these images, just marvelous nudes.

Nude couples

The couple series are more playful in a way, but they also have the same basic photographic style as the solo nudes. But because of the spontaneous sensual interaction between the models they have a more free appearance. More Nude Art by Claus Rose

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