Delicate erotic art drawings by Jan van Rijn

His highly erotic drawings show women masturbating, engaged in the act of sex or just posing and showing their delicate curves. Within his oeuvre he explores a wide range of sexual fantasies, from bondage & SM to transgender play.

However, no matter how explicit his work can get, it never gets really raunchy. I guess Jan van Rijn can display just about anything and still make us viewers have a positive aesthetic ( and erotic ) experience.

His visual concept is rather simple, black and white, lines and shading trough textures and usually one character that fills the whole canvas. It’s his virtuous drawing hand and his keen eye for form that makes these images true pieces of art. There’s a dutch saying “in his limitations the true master is revealed” . Something that is so true when it comes to the art of Jan van Rijn.

What I like most about his art is how he plays around with anatomy. At first sight you could think he just follows nature. And yes in general he isn’t far away from the original “thing”. But when you have a closer look you see how he slightly exaggerate the places that count, makes those hips just a little bigger or changes the curves of the breasts to make them stand out just a little more.

There is quite some more erotic eye candy to enjoy on Jan van Rijn’s website.

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