Disturbing and violent

His work is a comment on our time, our future and our past, it’s filled with anger, disturbing and violent. Our human existence is questioned, displayed and weighted. How fragile we are, how guilty we are and the suffering even continues into worlds beyond reality. Paul Watson, artist, writer and musician, is dancing in our minds, he plays with our fears and renews our perception.

Paul Watson’s artistic concept fits well in the ‘Lazarus corporation’ environment, presenting themselves as an an exquisite aesthetic experience and a step towards world domination. They collect pieces of our culture and are feeding them back to ourselves, in art and words. Speaking of words, don’t forget to check out the ‘cut-ups’, a text mixing machine, just feed it and be amazed.

For me the art of Watson was quite an experience, a little heavy, but exciting. I’m sure it will haunt me for a while but I will certainly go back someday to feast some more.

The Lazarus corporation

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