Erotic art of Kahlo

The erotic art of the Spanish female artist Kahlo, from Dadadnois, is loaded with energy, sensuality and an overall positivism. In her bright colored art she explores the possibilities of photography, mixed media and the digital paintbox, in a rather spontaneous graphical style.

Her art reminds me of the photography of Cindy Sherman, whose work is much more serious and socially engaged, but it has the same personal involvement. Sure, the work of Sherman is much more matured and direct, something you can hardly expect from someone just emerging with her art, but from an artistic perspective it has similar pretensions.

Something I really love about Kahlo’s erotic art is her multi- layering of images, photographs and drawings interacting with each other, but also maintaining their own message. Like in the first image, self-portrait with bear, where she looks away from the camera, like she’s remembering something from her childhood, while the drawing shows some sort of kinky dressing up. This combination of a 3 dimensional photograph and a 2 dimensional drawing is also visually interesting, the eye keeps moving between the two, making it an active viewing experience.


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