Erotic stories by Eccohomo

Eccohomo is one of the relative new erotic photographers on the international scene, mixing some intriguing erotic stories with more glamorous nudes. I would label his work “typical European” which isn’t that strange, he’s from Spain after all.

His work is building on top of our cultural tradition, which can easily be seen in his mirror series, where the images are almost “Vanitas paintings”, only this time there’s no “Danse Macabre” but a “Danse Erotico”.

In a Vanitas artwork all the objects have a symbolic reference, like the skull stands for death ( obvious one… ), the dog stands for loyalty, the book for knowledge etc.. I like to look at these images the same way, only this time the objects get an erotic reference and are less obvious. Besides, there is this lovely Spanish lady wearing these kinky outfits, making this “symbolism” a lot more enjoyable.

Eccohomo made this series for NenaBlue, however there’s also a great Mirror series on his own site for you to enjoy!

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